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Bridges Brazil with TRIEDE sponsorship

Imagem Bridges Brazil with TRIEDE sponsorship

Bridges Brazil aims at deepen "methods, technologies and case studies to increase efficiency in the design, construction, monitoring, maintenance and restoration of bridges and overpasses."

As this initiative addresses one of its main areas of specialization, TRIEDE was present at the event as a sponsor, which also allowed it to deepen contacts with various actors in this important market, where TRIEDE has already developed several projects.

About the event

According to the organization, Bridges Brazil aims to enable participants to:

- Evaluate several alternative techniques, materials and equipment for the execution of projects focusing on the achieved functional, structural, economic and aesthetic results

- Know the step-by-step innovative construction methods for bridges and viaducts through presentations of major works in Brazil and abroad

- Measure the investment and the advantages of instrumentation and monitoring of bridges and viaducts

- Optimize the execution of field inspections and maintenance and recovery of special structures by accompanying case studies of leading companies in the sector

- Identify the most appropriate method to assess the need for restoration and strengthening of structures and determine priorities

- Mapping what are the innovations in materials and equipment that exist in national and international markets, and define how they influence the execution productivity and efficiency of structures




Technical ability, experience, effectiveness, creativity, reliability and flexibility.