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TRIEDE plano replies to the continued challenge of providing solutions that create value, complying with requirements and exceeding expectations


TRIEDE PLANO's and each of its employee’s unceasing challenge, in Portugal or abroad, is about providing solutions that create Value for its Customers, complying with the agreed requirements and whenever possible exceeding their expectations.

Over 40 years of experience

“TRIEDE PLANO, Engenharia e Planeamento” is a private engineering consultancy company, born inside TRIEDE’s Group, that develops its business in the sectors of Studies and Projects, Specialized Consulting, Management, Coordination and Supervision, with a wide-ranging experience in these fields.

TRIEDE was founded in 1977 and since then has begun to work in the reinforcement of its capabilities, by means of the continued investment in the innovation and training of its human resources. Since 2013, the services of consultancy and project development were passed on to a new company, called TRIEDE PLANO, that inherited the know-how and curriculum from TRIEDE.

Nowadays TRIEDE PLANO is recognized as a benchmark company in its markets, capable of participating and coordinating multidisciplinary projects, by resorting to the best international practices and the technical merit of its staff.



Serving its customers with public works and construction studies and projects, carried out with modern and efficient techniques and processes.


Becoming a cutting edge company in the design, in the consulting and in the engineering of large works, thereby promoting economic and social progress.



Technical ability, experience, effectiveness, creativity, reliability and flexibility.