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International Presence

TRIEDE's success is based on the recognition and confidence that the customers place in us


Drawing on the accumulated experience of over 40 years of activity, in recent years TRIEDE PLANO has worked on the creation of a vast network of international contacts, which will enable it to broaden its customer base and boost the company's growth.

Accordingly, and as the first step towards internationalization, TRIEDE PLANO made a strong move into the African market, namely in Angola, where it develops permanent activity since 2007.

Additionally, TRIEDE PLANO is developing and consolidating its presence in Brazil, a market with great strategic relevance and in which TRIEDE PLANO has already had the opportunity to show its know-how and accuracy, with particular focus on Metal Structures and other Structural Engineering Projects.

Besides these two priority investments, TRIEDE PLANO already has some work developed in other countries, namely in Spain, England, Ireland and Morocco, and it still expects to develop new markets, namely in North Africa, Mozambique and South America.





Technical ability, experience, effectiveness, creativity, reliability and flexibility.